What kind of wedding ceremony should we have?

How should we raise our children?

Which holidays shall we celebrate?

Should one of us convert?

For those who wrestle with matters of faith and family, Interfaith Families: Personal Stories of Jewish-Christian Intermarriage tells 51 compelling personal stories of couples who are trying to reconcile love and religion.

Emmy Award–winning television producer Jane Kaplan lets interfaith couples share—in their own words—their successes and failures, struggles and triumphs in everyday situations and major life decisions.

Kaplan interviewed Jewish-Christian couples from across the country and in all stages of marriage. With thoughtfulness and striking intimacy, these men and women discuss common dilemmas, from the stress of planning an interfaith wedding to the questions of whether to and how to observe Christmas, Easter, Passover, and other religious holidays; from disagreements with in-laws over baptism and circumcision to an older child’s fervent desire to have the whole family worship together in one faith.

Karen: "Not having a Christmas tree . . . that's been very hard."

Bruce: "We both felt that we appreciated each other's holidays, and each other's background, and so we said, 'Okay, we'll split the kids in half and we'll raise our daughter Catholic and the boys Jewish.'"

Ruth: "Well, it turns out that this chapel has a removable cross . . . So they took it down for us, and it was perfect."

Neil: "My grandmother said to my mother, 'You're not going to your own kid's wedding? Are you crazy?'"

Rebecca: "When you convert, what you're really doing is making yourself acceptable to people who don't like you the way you are."

Murray: "Amanda's brother died, and even at the funeral her father wouldn't speak to us." 

Norm: "There was a point where I worried that if my daughter were alone with her aunts, someone would go and secretly baptize her."

Scott: "If I had married someone Jewish, I would almost guarantee that we would be doing fewer Jewish events and celebrations in our home than Joy and I do right now."

Chris: "I don't think religion is something that should get in the middle when two people love each other."

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